Pastoral Training Internationally

We provide customized training, coaching, and consulting to assist ministry leaders in fulfilling God’s unique calling for their church or mission. We use a facilitative, empowering, and relational approach as we help churches and leaders “develop what’s next” with strategic initiatives and action plans to accomplish their vision. Our distinctive approach builds a new resourcefulness in the organizations we serve that equips them to succeed and keep on thriving in their ministry contexts for years to come.

Access for Underserved Regions

Many places in the world, pastors and church leaders lack access to quality biblical training.

Do the pastors in your region minister faithfully, but suffer from limited access to training in theology, disciple-making, leadership, and church planting?

Disciple-Making at the Core

We can help your network of pastors and church leaders become better disciple-makers and trainers of others.

We teach, model, and mentor pastors so that discipleship is seen as obedience to Christ’s command, as well as, a mindset and way of life in their churches.

Training Focus

We focus our training on three areas:

  • Understanding the essential biblical doctrines of Christianity
  • Modeling loving sacrificial servant leadership
  • Developing a mindset of multiplying disciples of Christ

Pastor-to-Pastor Relationships

We can help your network of pastors and church leaders become a leadership learning community.

We enjoy building friendships with fellow pastors and brothers and sisters in Christ around the world as we partner together in the work of the Gospel.

Customized for Context

We customize our training to fit the contexts of the churches we serve in order to help local churches clarify and implement their biblical vision for God’s work so that it is culturally relevant and designed to make faithful mature disciples.

How might we help you?