Our Approach

We value local churches as the primary means of Christ’s ministry on earth.

God has ordained ministry to take place in and flow out of local churches. Therefore, we will always be involved in ministries that enhance the local church.

We value the spiritual health of local churches.

Spiritual, emotional and relational health produces mature disciples. Therefore, we will always work to help leaders provide healthy ministry environments.

We value ministry based on relationships.

All significant ministry flows out of significant relationships. Therefore, we will always develop meaningful relationships with leaders with whom we are working.

We value teamwork that enhances one another’s ministry.

The impact of our service will be greater when we collaborate and assist each other. Therefore, we will always encourage and support one another in ministry, share best practices, and make referrals.

We value leaders equipping leaders who equip leaders.

Perpetual growth and ministry are possible only within a culture of leaders continuously developing other leaders. Therefore, we will always empower those with whom we work so that they continue to develop and grow future ministry leaders.

We value the authority of the organizations we serve.

Vision and authority belong to the organizations God has led us to serve. Therefore, we will always serve ministry organizations at their invitation, with their approval, and under their authority.