Our Story

The 1980’s

Our story starts in the late 1980s with Pastor Harry Heidebrecht’s new ministry, God’s Construction Crew (GCC). Having finished his tenure of leadership in church planting with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) in central California, Pastor Heidebrecht started GCC to as a way to raise money for church planting and missions. The organization used volunteers from central California churches for the labor and continued through 1990, when it was incorporated under the name Church Assistance Ministry.

For 18 years with Harry as president and construction overseer, he recruited and organized hundreds of workers who were able to produce a profit of more than two million dollars, greatly assisting the work of the Lord in California and around the world.


When Pastor Heidebrecht died unexpectedly in the spring of 2008, Steve Elliott, who had joined Harry’s staff earlier in the year, became president of CAM and led a major change in the way the organization assisted churches. Steve, lacking skills in building construction oversight, sought to develop an organization that utilized his strengths and passion in helping churches cultivate strategies for church multiplication, disciple-making and leadership development.

After Steve and the board of directors took time to develop clarity in CAM’s mission, vision and values, other skilled leadership trainers and coaches were added to the team. These new team members would end up serving churches and developing partnerships both in the USA and internationally.


In April 2015, Daniel Holmquist, former pastor of the Lancaster EFC and former Area Leader in Asia for the EFCA ReachGlobal mission, became the third president of CAM. He has been increasing the size of our consulting group and expanding the leadership development assistance we provide.

Lord willing, CAM will continue to grow in the years to come. We hope to serve many more leaders and churches, create more partnerships, and minister in more locations globally.