Daniel Holmquist

Daniel Holmquist

Global Church Consultant


Church Leadership
Church Transitions
Global Mission Focus
Pastoral Leadership

Ministry Locations:

East Asia
South Asia


FOCUS Facilitator
Bible Pathways Trainer
Interim Pastor Ministries


Academy of Management
EFCA Ministerial Association
International Leadership Association

Daniel Holmquist, Global Church Consultant

Daniel enjoys preaching the Word and developing leaders around the world. He travels extensively in Asia to train, coach, and mentor national Christian pastors and movement leaders, concentrating on the areas of church planting, leadership development, theology, and preaching. Daniel also helps churches find global mission focus and develop strategic partnerships.

Daniel has served as a pastor, interim pastor, and leader in missions. He earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University and an M.Div. in Church History from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, as well as an M.A. and B.A. in Educational Ministries from Wheaton College.

In 2015, Daniel became President of Church Assistance Ministry. He plans for CAM to increase its number of consultants, and to serve many more leaders and churches, create more partnerships, and minister in more locations globally.

“Daniel Holmquist combines proven skill and in-depth experience as he helps churches build their missions focus. He knows how to help leaders develop and guide a global initiative because as a pastor he did it himself! In addition, Daniel’s extensive field experience equips him to help churches avoid costly mistakes and wasted time. I highly recommend you utilize Daniel as a valuable guide for your church.”

Ellen LivingoodPresident, Catalyst Services

“Daniel quickly understood and helped our board tackle the culture and issues that had our board stuck. With his help we have cut our board meeting times in half, crafted a new more nimble constitution and by-laws, become a more visionary board and most importantly have learned to embrace robust and forthright dialogue in our board meetings.”

Bob ChildressSenior Pastor, Church of the Canyons

“Del Rey Church has been blessed to support Daniel Holmquist as he has helped grow our vision for God. He is a shameless missionary with a true pastor’s passion and has connected our body of believers with God’s Church Asia. Not only have we begun sending meaningful short term teams overseas again, but through his contacts we’ve established an honest partnership with indigenous churches.”

Missional DirectorDel Rey Church

“Daniel Holmquist’s help and support during a time of church transition was truly a gift from God. As interim pastor-teacher he guided us through this time by the illumination of God’s Word and loving compassion of godly wisdom. Daniel connected with the members of our church on a personal level while walking with us through the difficulties and uncertainties. We continue to praise God for his gracious provision for us through the heart of a loving pastor.”

Ben AnkrumChairman of Elders, Hesperia Evangelical Free Church

“Daniel has visited us and introduced resources and teachers to help us improve our ministry skills, such as, how to interpret the Bible. He invited us to two church planting institutes last year. After learning new perspectives on church planting and engaging with church planters, we are now more resolved in our [multi-site and regional] church planting vision and have started to take steps to plant even more churches.”

CaiChurch Planter in East Asia

“As a church committed to supporting career missionaries, it is a paradigm shift to transition from sending work teams to sending short-term, gospel-sharing missionary teams. Daniel shared his congregation’s story, detailing God’s calling and faithfulness in taking the gospel to an unreached people group, which ignited our imaginations and challenged us to become goers in addition to senders. Throughout our transition process, Daniel helped clarify the threads of God’s leading for our church.”

Jean DukesMission FOCUS Leader, Western Springs Baptist Church