Mission Partnership Development

We provide customized training, coaching, and consulting to assist ministry leaders in fulfilling God’s unique calling for their church or mission. We use a facilitative, empowering, and relational approach as we help churches and leaders “develop what’s next” with strategic initiatives and action plans to accomplish their vision. Our distinctive approach builds a new resourcefulness in the organizations we serve that equips them to succeed and keep on thriving in their ministry contexts for years to come.

More Significant Global Impact

Does your church’s approach to the Great Commission need greater focus?

Might there be undeveloped potential in your congregation that could be mobilized to engage growing opportunities around the world?

Discovering Your Church’s Potential

We can help your church ascertain its international mission potential.

Your church’s identity, priorities, and connections will reveal your church’s readiness and pathway to its global mission future.

Making Global Partnerships

We can help your church select quality partners and become a quality partner itself.

Relationships are the key. How can your church build better cross-cultural relationships?

Sustaining Successful Partnerships

We can help your church develop strategic global initiatives for long-term impact.

Sustainability depends upon leadership development and networking across cultures. How can your church become more effective in these areas?

Own Your Church’s Mission

We can help your church begin the journey to more significant global impact!

We can also assist your church with the journey it is already on!

How might we help you?