Church Planter Training

We provide customized training, coaching, and consulting to assist ministry leaders in fulfilling God’s unique calling for their church or mission. We use a facilitative, empowering, and relational approach as we help churches and leaders “develop what’s next” with strategic initiatives and action plans to accomplish their vision. Our distinctive approach builds a new resourcefulness in the organizations we serve that equips them to succeed and keep on thriving in their ministry contexts for years to come.

The ABCs of Church Planting

It’s not really as simple as the ABCs . . . but any regional, national, or denominational ministry that has a vision for church planting might actually see a church planting movement happen where they are!


We can help your movement learn how to select better church planters.

What is more important than making sure that you have the right people leading your new churches? We have a process to help determine readiness to plant that enables assessment that is inexpensive, portable and timely. We will train your leaders how to do this, and to train others to do it as well!

Basic Training

We can help your movement learn how to more effectively train church planters.

Our method of training is to prepare church planters and their planting teams to understand the whole process of church planting, including the development of an effective understanding of the mission, values, target community, and vision of the new church; and then, how to plant a church that lives out that established mission and vision. We will help you train trainers so that your movement can continue to prepare others to plant and multiply new churches.


We can help your movement develop coaches for church planters.

One thing that stops church plants and church planting movements from succeeding is deploying planters without trained and relational coaches. If church planters have to walk alone on a journey on which they have not embarked previously, they will either plant less effective churches, or their churches will often fail. Trained coaches not only make a huge difference, but as they coach, they can be training their planters how to coach their leaders as well!  We also train coaching trainers to keep coaching alive where you are.


We can help your movement establish a church planting network.

We provide strategic consultations for regional, national, and denominational leaders. Our church planting consultants have proven themselves effective in helping to develop strategies of church multiplication in various national and cultural settings. Our experience working within a variety of cultures has shown that the ABC’s of church planting are greatly effective in developing movements of church planting.

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