Ethnic Ministry Development

We provide customized training, coaching, and consulting to assist ministry leaders in fulfilling God’s unique calling for their church or mission. We use a facilitative, empowering, and relational approach as we help churches and leaders “develop what’s next” with strategic initiatives and action plans to accomplish their vision. Our distinctive approach builds a new resourcefulness in the organizations we serve that equips them to succeed and keep on thriving in their ministry contexts for years to come.

Immigration Reality

Churches need to involve themselves with their specific immigration realities in order to move with God and His plan of salvation for the various group of people who now call America their new home.

Based upon Acts 17:24-27, God has appointed these ethnic peoples to live in the USA so that they might call upon the Lord and be saved by His grace. He moved these ethnic groups to America so that they will meet the people of God and hear the Gospel. The mission field has come to the doorsteps of many American churches.

Demographic Question

Who are the ethnic peoples living in your community?

Seemingly, this is a simple question. But, during the investigation phase in learning about immigration realities and cultural distinctives, churches will gain a much deeper understanding of the needs of various ethnic groups and why these are key for effective ministry development. This process takes time and missionary insight in order to truly know and establish relationships with any ethnic group.

Strategic Question

What is the most effective strategy to reach these ethnic groups with the Gospel of Christ?

After coming to know the various ethnic groups in your church’s community and their distinctive cultural realities, the next phase involves designing an effective strategy in reaching out to these people with the power of the gospel. In doing so, the strategic plan must not compromise the message of the Gospel. Likewise, it must preserve the ethnic integrity and distinctives of the peoples being reached.

Recruitment Question

What should be the profile of the ministry leader and his team?

Recruiting and training the right leader and a quality team are crucial. The spiritual gifts and past experiences of the ministry leader and the team should be examined in the assessment and selection process. Ongoing training and skill development will assist the team in developing a successful ethnic ministry.

Multiplication Vision

From the start of developing an ethnic ministry, we emphasize the vital necessity of having a vision for multiplication at all levels of this ministry. Multiplication must be part of the strategy and recruitment of personnel in order to ensure continuation and an expansion of ethnic ministry.

We can help your church navigate the new mission field that has come to the American soil for effective and fulfilling mission ministry!

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