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Julie Kurz

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Julie Kurz, Family and Children’s Ministry Consultant

Julie Kurz has been in ministry for 25 years. She served as a Children’s Director at Bethany EFC in Littleton, Colorado for 17 years. Then in 2006 she responded to God’s call to leave the security of a paid staff position and become an independent consultant working to influence the culture of the home and the church. This led to the formation of Reconnect Ministries, a ministry dedicated to assisting churches and families develop strategies and programs for implementing God’s Biblical ‘Blueprint’ and ‘Strategy’ for passing faith from one generation to the next.

As an independent consultant, Julie’s mission is to influence the culture of the church and the home to better reflect the Biblical model for passing faith to the next generation; a model where the home becomes the primary source of spiritual development for children and the church comes alongside parents with training, equipping and resources. She has worked with many churches across the country.

Julie works with Church Assistance Ministry (CAM) as a consultant, coach, and mentor to churches in the area of Family and Children’s Ministries. CAM is a global organization assisting churches in all areas of ministry development. Julie is a Certified Consultant for the National Center for Biblical Parenting, and she is also working with the 4/14 Family Challenge, an international movement to reach the next generation for Christ.

As a Consultant for Family/Children’s Ministries, Julie can assist your church in the following ways:
1. Awareness workshop for pastors, leadership teams, CM teams, parents, congregations.
2. Strategy consulting to help churches develop appropriate methodology in their unique church culture.
3. Coaching for CM pastor/directors or staff teams to maintain the unique strategy developed for your church.
4. Help your church with a “90-Day Family Adventure” program which encourages faith-at-home.

“I want to say how excited and blessed Cornerstone has been because we met Julie Kurz of Reconnect Ministries. Her ministry has greatly impacted our Children and Family Ministry as we are in the process of moving from a traditional Sunday School type of program to a more Family Integrated form of worship. We have implemented Visionary Parenting, a resource Julie recommends, as a standard part of our discipleship process, and we encourage everyone who attends our church to go through it at least once.

Julie has a vast wealth of experience, knowledge, and a genuine compassion for the next generation of Christians. She has been involved in mentoring and teaching our Leadership Team the past several years. Her enthusiasm and love for equipping parents to equip their children is contagious. I have been especially impressed by her patience, as we have taken a lot longer than we originally thought to make this transition. We are still not where we want to be, but Julie has given a vision and a plan of how to get there, and we hope to be able to continue to work with her in this most important process.

Partnering with Reconnect Ministry has been transformational for our church!”

Doug KehrPastorCornerstone EFC

“Our transition into intergenerational worship has been going on since you were with us in February and it has been everything I had hoped . . . I know that we are having a far bigger impact on the spiritual lives of our families and the whole church has been impacted. Thank you for your ministry!”

Tim WrightPastorCommunity of Grace

“It took traveling from Denver CO to California in order to meet one of the best professional mentors I have ever had even though we both live in Denver. I met Julie Kurz at the children’s Pastor’s conference 5 or 6 years ago and within a few short hours found a children’s ministry professional that could put words to some of my longings to have the church help parents be the primary spiritual caregivers of their children.

Over the next several years we would converse and interact and even had the pleasure of sharing offices next to one another for a few years. Even though Julie traveled a fair amount I would look forward to sitting down with Julie and hearing about the latest and best resources that existed in the Christian marketplace that could help inspire, train, and equip parents to own faith replication in their own children. She would also come next door and sit down and share about what she was seeing in the many ministries that she interacted with. She was an invaluable resource of support and encouragement and continued thought development in my own growing desire to empower families to follow fervently after Christ.

While she has moved in last year or so I still have the pleasure of connecting face to face with her almost every time she comes for a visit. It is great to have such support in vocational ministry.”

Than BaylorPastor of Family and Children’s MinistrySouthern Gables Church

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