Church Revitalization

We provide customized training, coaching, and consulting to assist ministry leaders in fulfilling God’s unique calling for their church or mission. We use a facilitative, empowering, and relational approach as we help churches and leaders “develop what’s next” with strategic initiatives and action plans to accomplish their vision. Our distinctive approach builds a resourceful independence from us in the organizations we serve that equips them to succeed and keep on thriving in their ministry contexts for years to come.

Church Life Cycle

Where is your church on the Life Cycle curve?

Is your church’s past more glorious than your church’s dreams for the future?

5 Congregational Questions

Do the active people in your church have the same answer to these 5 questions?

  1. What are we doing?
  2. Why are we doing it?
  3. How are we doing it?
  4. When are we successful?
  5. Where is God taking us?


What is the UNIQUE way that your church glorifies God and makes disciples?

Does your organizational structure help or hinder this?

Why have some programs worked well and others have not?

Church Values

What are the REAL, actual, living values operating in your church that visitors see but your church does not?

What would Christ commend about your church and what might He condemn, if He spoke as He did in Revelation 2-3?

Church Reset

Does your church need to be revitalized?

We can help your church make a fresh start with renewed mission, vision, and values.

We do not come with the answers, but rather provide the resources and consulting to facilitate your discovery of the answers to the questions above. We will assist you in developing your pathway to change. We offer events such as: a Discovery Workshop, leadership retreats, and a facilitated Vision Team journey. Along with these, we provide surveys, demographic maps, organizational and leadership assessments, and a variety of customized resources delivered by experienced consultants.

How might we help you?