Frequently Asked Questions

What is CAM’s relationship to the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)?

There is no formal relationship. Church Assistance Ministry is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Many of those on our ministry team have served as pastors, staff, or denominational leaders in the EFCA. We maintain our relationships with the EFCA and its churches, and often work together in partnership.

However, CAM works with a broad range of evangelical churches and ministries.

Is CAM a mission agency?

Yes.  We work in many locations around the world assisting churches and church planting movements. These efforts are primarily funded by donations to the individual ministries of our consultants.

We are not a sending agency. We do not send or support long-term cross-cultural residential missionaries.

What is the meaning behind CAM’s logo?

It is meant to be simple.

The shape represents the wall or structure of the place where a church meets for its worship, celebrations, and activities.

The shadow image expresses the idea of CAM coming alongside a church, ministry, or mission to help them develop what God might have next for them.

The curved surfaces of the two images convey energy, possibility and movement toward future strategic initiatives.

What kind of “assistance” does Church Assistance Ministry provide? 

We provide training, equipping, coaching, and consulting services that assist churches, ministries, and missions, and their leaders.

We do not provide financial assistance or fundraising assistance.

How much do CAM’s services cost?

It depends. Fees are customized to the needs of those we serve.

Costs are negotiated directly with the individual CAM leadership development consultant providing the services.