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Wil Regier

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Wil Regier, Senior Church Consultant

Wil Regier is a Vision Clarity Coach providing church leadership teams organizational seminars, leadership retreats, Values-Mission-Vision/ Discovery Workshops, and a strategic Vision Pathway process of vision and missional clarification. He has extensive experience assessing church governance and facilitating changes to enable ministry, and not impede it. Wil is part of the Church Assistance Ministry team that has the mission of assisting leaders as they discover God’s unique vision for their churches and then lead effectively towards it. CAM does this by training, coaching and facilitating strategic implementation of the church’s God-given mission.

Wil’s insight stems from his years of experience as a local church elder and leader where he has seen first hand how God works when a church is led in a spiritually healthy way, and what happens when it is not. Wil has deepened that insight while working since 2005 with over 100 churches of all sizes and health while on the staff of EFCA West and with CAM. He has observed that too many churches have leadership teams that are spiritually unhealthy; they are just “doing church.”

Wil had a professional career in the aerospace and electronic systems marketplace that included various line management positions along with proposal and program management. Wil finished his career at Boeing where he was a creative thought leader in future concepts and strategies.

Wil’s passion is that churches will become more of what God calls them to be. His ministry approach is to partner with churches so they become places where people are becoming more like Christ. He does not bring answers, but instead works to facilitate that church’s process of discovery.

“The Vision Pathway Process really helped us to understand and express our unique way of doing ministry here in Rancho Santa Margarita. After two years, we see the ongoing benefit. We now have the ability to express the strategy of our church in order to lead people to a life of ongoing transformation – and to describe and to demonstrate exactly what that looks like. In fact, everything we now do as a church is filtered through our stated Mission, Vision, Core Values, Strategic Objectives and Strategic Initiatives. If it doesn’t fit that grid, we simply don’t do it! This has both relieved us of unnecessary or even useless programmed activity, and has motivated and empowered existing and newly minted ministries in our church.”

Brad FogalLead PastorFoothills Church

“The EFCA West district churches who have worked with Wil Regier in the Discovery Workshop process have seen how skilled he is, and how faithful he is to pursue missional clarity with you in a Holy-Spirit dependent humility. Our churches are healthier because of the Values Mission Vision/Discovery Workshops, and I recommend the workshop to any churches in transition or who want to relook at what God may be calling them to become, to dream a new dream.

There is no one in my circle of contacts as skilled as Wil Regier is in utilizing the Auxano/Mancini Vision Pathway tools to clarify core value and vision components in a Vision Framework. The process trains and equips the church leadership to discover their church’s unique calling, and then learn practices that help lead with vision clarity into God’s unparalleled future for their church. I recommend the Vision Pathway process and Wil’s leadership to any church who wants to rethink what it means to be visionary, to see it in a different light.”

Steve HighfillRegional DirectorEFCA West

“Dear Wil, We at GracePointe were very blessed by your ministry of guidance to our Vision Team. At points along the way we were wondering how all of the exercise we were doing would be helpful. But you made us think deeply, examine carefully and plan with faith.

I am enclosing the document we ended up with. We are excited about the clarity of what it says and what it projects. We feel that God has led us in this, and He is going to enlarge and enhance the impact of our church through this. We feel we have clear direction now. Again, Thanks!”

Bob AllenCo-Senior PastorGracePointe

“Wil Regier offers a comprehensive and strategic process for evaluating and strengthening a church’s kingdom effectiveness. While employing useful content, visuals, and group exercises, he emphasizes the necessity of the Spirit’s work through application of Scripture and intercessory prayer. Wil brings years of experience and skillful communication driven by deep commitment to the Lord, His church, and the communities we are called to serve.”

Dr. Mahlon FriesenInterim Senior PastorInterim Pastor Ministries

“The decision to hire Wil Regier with CAM was one of the most strategic decisions our church has made in the last decade. Wil led us on a series of exercises that forced us to be intentional about identifying the vision, mission, and values that God has uniquely infused into our church. Over the course of several months through the Discovery Workshop and the Vision Framework process, we were able to uncover who we truly are and finally put our finger on that identity. Moreover, this effort of discovery empowered our church leaders to make several difficult decisions that have propelled our church toward new growth. As a result, there is an air of new life and new hope that is contagious. I cannot wait to see how God is going to rally our whole congregation around his unique vision for our church.”

Alan MillerSenior PastorFirst Baptist Church, Hollywood, CA